Syska introduces Mosguard LED lights

Syska Group, a leading name in the FMEG segment and the pioneers of LED lighting technology launches an innovative product Mosguard LED. Syska Mosguard is unique product that acts as a mosquito repellent as well as regular 15W LED bulb. As an endeavor to offer technology-led lighting solutions to the consumers, Syska has been launching innovative products under its LED lighting category.

Syska Mosguard LED light 2Syska Mosguard LED bulb is a perfect solution to reduce health hazards and prevent diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes such as dengue, malaria etc. As the LED bulb has been designed for indoor use, it is ideal to install this product in schools, colleges, commercial spaces alongside homes. This unique mosquito repellent LED Bulb by Syska is attractively priced at INR 699/- and is available at leading retail stores across the country.

Commenting on the launch of Mosguard LED Bulb, Mr. Rajesh Uttamchandani, Director, Syska Group said, “Syska has been instrumental in introducing innovative products in the market that offer a great value to our consumers. Being the pioneers of LED lighting space in the country, we will continue to manufacture LED lights that are unique while being affordable to our consumers. Syska Mosguard is a multifunctional LED bulb that acts as a LED bulb and mosquito killer at the same time.”

Key features of Syska Mosguard LED Lights


Syska’s Mosguard uses less than 15W making it an energy efficient choice. Moreover, it is equipped with 1350 lumens so it can provide bright light which covers a large area.


Mosguard’s PC protective cover shields the high voltage grid to protect you from accidently touching the grid and getting an electrical shock.


Syska’s Mosguard does not use any harmful sprays, chemicals or fumes to kill insects, which is why it is a safe and chemical free way to combat disease-carrying mosquitoes.


Syska’s chemical free pest control light bulb helps prevent mosquito borne diseases like Dengue and Malaria.


You don’t need to buy new fixtures as Syska’s Mosguard can fit into the socket you use for regular light bulbs.

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