Thanking Teachers: TRIO Tots organizes a surprise event for teachers

As part of Teacher’s day celebration, Trio Tots, Sahakara Nagar, organized a surprise event for teachers where their family members were invited to school. Teachers were asked to assemble at the school auditorium on the pretext of a training session and were surprised to see their family members awaiting them.  The expressions of the teachers when they saw their family members in school, was worth the capture. Teachers felt special and thanked their family members for their unbound support.

TRIO Tots - Teachers and their parents participate in various fun activities on Teachers DayThe event also focused on promoting confidence among the teachers by highlighting their strong characters. They were also presented various sashes such as Miss Courageous, Ms. Ambitious which personified their characters. The school also declared a non-working day for teachers and honoured them with flowers and gifts. The students also showcased their love towards their teachers by presenting various cultural activities. The event also paid tribute to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan by screening a documentary on his life which was shown to the teachers to help them understand the significance of the day.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Naveen K M, Managing Director, Trio Tots said “Trio schools strongly believe that family support acts as a backbone for the teachers. Teachers are not only entitled with the responsibility of educating the children but also have to ensure that their students turn into responsible citizens of the future. Encouraging students to learn more and move towards success requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Hence Teacher’s day is the occasion to make every teacher feel special and appreciate them for their hard work. Events like this not only help in building a strong and healthy relationship between the family members and the teachers but also promote happiness at the workplace”.

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