Contemporary Fashion & Global Trends Workshop at Vogue Institute of Art & Design

As education institutes aim to bridge the gap between the curriculum and industry requirements, Vogue Institute of Art & Design takes a step to impart practical knowledge about the current fashion global trends and industrial practices for its students through a workshop with Maria Chumak, international fashion and lifestyle designer who has travelled across countries and demonstrated her work in fashion, art and design.

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Research and planning are two extremely important factors in the field of fashion. The 5-day workshop series showcased the tools for market research and trend forecast. Through the workshop, the students were introduced to contemporary fashion and global fashion market trends. The students analyzed the key aspects of fashion designing processes globally. The first day started with research on colors in the apparel segment. On the second day, the students were involved in researching about silhouettes, taking part in group discussions, evaluating various fabrics and prints, gaining market understanding and forecasting the trend for SS’21. The students worked in groups to create the collection projects according to their market research for a specific season. Each group was given a segment of the market to undertake the project, for instance, women’s wear for mass distribution or men’s wear for the aspirational segment.

The last two days of the workshop involved the students in discussions and execution of the collection plan based on the research executed during the previous days of the workshop. The students presented exciting collections at the end of the workshop. They gained a perspective about the global fashion market, enhanced their research skills and became more aware about sustainability in the fashion industry. The workshop demonstrated the challenges and benefits of working as a team, time management and helped them sharpen their presentation skills.

Workshop with Maria Chumak

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