Prachi Tehlan to be seen in Shiva Avatar

Get ready to witness Prachi Tehlan in Shiva Avatar, as the upcoming episode of popular show Ikyawann is up for some interesting twist.

Prachi Tehlan in Shiva Avatar 2Speaking of the complications going on in Susheel’s life, Prachi stated, “It was because of Satya’s bad behaviour with Susheel that she plans to leave the house and go back to her parent’s place. On her way back, she sees Satya at a dhobi ghat. Completely unaware of Susheel’s presence, Satya expresses his true feelings for Susheel. She is overwhelmed listening to how he feels for her. She is all in tears and plans not to go back home and rather come back to her in-law’s place. And because it is Shivratri, she plans to enter the house in a new avatar of Shiv.”

“Susheel is back with a stronger mindset and determination to fight back Leela. She openly challenges her, thereby clearing that she is not a weak woman anymore. Now, Susheel is hellbound that no matter Satya loves her or not, she will not forgive Leela and will take a revenge for what Leela did to her. That is how she becomes Shiv and enters the house again,” Prachi further added.

It’s always a treat to see Prachi in these innovative getups, doing some extra ordinary things. We could hardly wait for this episode to know how she plans to beat Leela in this fight.

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