Portronics Launches 5 Port Car – Charger Car Power IV

Relish car charging at the rear seat without any woes

Portronics industry’s flag bearer famous for its innovative and portable digital products in Portable Electronics, has launched “Car Power IV”. An ultra powerful 5-port car charger to charge upto 5 smartphones, fitness bands, powerbanks, digital cameras or any 5V digital devices – all at once.

Car Power IV is an extension of Car Power Series of premium and highly reliable in-car smart device chargers from Portronics.

Key Features & Benefits:

Car Power IV is an elegant and sturdy 5 ports USB car charger, with two USB ports in front and three port-hub with clip at the back connected with a 5 feet long cable. The sleek design with color-accented rubberized finish matches the plush interiors of your car / SUV.

5 Intelligent USB Ports:

Intelligent Recognition Technology enables Car Power IV to detect the device and adjusts the current output to deliver the fastest possible charging speed.

High Capacity:

Portronics Launches 5 Port Car-Charger - Car Power IVA total of 10.8A is sufficient to charge 5 of the very high current consuming devices, all at once. The front two priority USB ports deliver upto 2.0 – 2.4A each, depending on your device, and the rear three USB ports can deliver upto 2.0A simultaneously. All the USB ports are labeled for easily identifying which devices are getting most power. These ports deliver twice the charging speed of most other car chargers, even though Qualcomm QC not supported, in the market ensuring that your phone is charged much quicker.

Ease of Use:

Car Power IV can be simply plugged in the 12/24V sockets or cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle. The front two seats can use the front two USB priority ports and the rear three to 5 seats can use the remaining three USB ports. The rear hub extension of Car Power IV is connected by a 5 feet cable which is good enough for almost all sizes of cars and SUVs and it can be simply clipped on the rear seat cover flap using its inbuilt clip.

Safety of Device:

Car Power IV has an inbuilt smart chip to protect your smart devices against over-current and over-charging. No need to worry of over voltage or over current keeps your devices safe during vehicle ignition start also. It can be stored away easily in the car when not used. It works equally well with all Android, iOS, Windows and other operating systems phones along with fitness bands, power banks, digital cameras or any 5V digital devices

Peace of Mind:

Car Power IV is very useful on those day to day commutes or long drives when ALL the friends and family members in the car/SUV want to charge their smartphones, tablets or digital cameras. With Car Power IV, every seat occupant, whether sitting in front or back seat or even in open boot, can charge his/her smart devices with ease. There is no need to give the device to front seat occupant just to charge it. Thus Car Power IV helps maintain privacy of device while charging. Everyone in the car can happily keep using their power-hungry devices on those long trips and enjoy the trip.

Pricing and Availability:

Portronics Car Power IV is priced at a very attractive price-point of INR 1099/- and is available both online and offline stores.

To know more about availability visit, https://www.portronics.com/car-accesories/car-power-4.html

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