Valentine’s Day Special Desert Recipe

Ashwini KulkarniThe best way to say I Love You this Valentine’s Day is with this delicious desert. Courtyard by Marriott Pune Chakan held an in-house competition among the associates. It was a recipe competition where the participants had to prepare a dish for their Valentine and chef will select the best dish. The winning dish was by Ashwini Kulkarni- Assistant Manager- Room Reservations. Ashwini Kulkarni prepared STRAWBERRY AND MASCARPONE CHEESE DELIGHT. This desert is so decadent that it was declared winner for the competition.


 This Valentine season, we present to you a very refreshing and sumptuous Strawberry Delight.

Ingredients Quantity
Fresh Strawberry 60 gms
Mascarpone Cheese 80 gms
Whipped  Cream 40 gms
Egg White 50 gms
Caster Sugar 50 gms


  • First of all clean and cut the strawberries in cubes.
  • Mix mascarpone cheese and whipped cream thoroughly.
  • In a clean and dry martini glass, put the creamy mixture and freshly cut strawberry cubes alternatively.
  • Get the egg white in a clean and dry bowl. Beat egg white with caster sugar until you get a stiff consistency.
  • This stiff consistency is known as meringue which has to be piped out on the top of the glass and gratinate it under salamander.
  • Garnish the dessert with colorful dry candies, some strawberries and top it with a heart shaped chocolate.

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