Trade Smart Online Launches ‘Sine’ Advanced Trading App For Option Traders

Trade Smart Online, a leading discount broking firm, launched ‘SINE’ (pronounced Sa-in) for option traders. SINE scans market opportunities on real-time basis to identify the trend in the market while analytics helps you choose the right option strategy.

Trade Smart Online - LogoSINE  operates on robo-analytics and can scan over 25,000 contracts, 5,000 securities per second and identifies opportunities for options trading. The application offers advanced technical chartings for option trading under different criteria like rising and falling volume, price trend, abnormal volume shockers etc. SINE also tracks and offer investment strategies on Nifty50, Bank Nifty and other indices on real-time basis.

“We believe there is big need for options trading through mobile and we intend to capitalise on this opportunity by offering innovative products,” commented Mr. Vikas Singhania, Executive Director, Trade Smart Online on launching the app.

Explaining the rationale behind launch of SINE, Mr. Singhania said, “Several retail investors have stayed away from option trading on fears of complicated calculations involved in option trading. However, with the help of technology we plan change these investors mind-set.  With easy to use analytics, powerful robo-analytics, and complete ease of trading on the mobile, traders and investors can grab the opportunity right on their screens,’

With SINE, existing option traders will no-longer be required to work on tedious calculation. Meanwhile first time option traders will get opportunity to trade on opportunities generate by SINE.” Vikas Singhania added.

With the launch of SINE, Trade Smart Online has become of the leading discount broking house in the country to offer complete bouquet of broking services to client at discounted rates. Adds Mr. Vikas Singhania, “With the launch of SINE we are targeting to double our trading volumes  to Rs 8,000 crore in the next two years.

“Going forward, securities business will compete on the basis of technology rather than commission. Disruptive technologies will be a game changer for retail investors, who till date have avoided trading in the options market.” said Mr. Vikas Singhania added.

Trade Smart Online also offers Margin Against Shares and funding facility to provide margin funding for its customers looking to buy equities in the cash market. Under this service, clients can pledge their shares and avail additional limit for trading against these pledged shares. The limit can be used for trading in the cash market, equity derivative segment & currency derivatives. There are about 850 stocks they accept for pledging purpose.

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