Peps Industries launches 140thexclusive mattress showroom

Satna would be the host to the 5th Great Sleep Store in Madhya Pradesh

Smt Mamata Pandey - Hon Mayor - Satna opens PEPS StoreBangalore-headquartered Peps Industries, India’s leading spring mattress manufacturing company marked the launch of its 140th exclusive showroom– Great Sleep Store (GSS) at Satna. Smt. Mamta Pandey, the honourable Mayor of Satna, was the chief guest at the launch that defined the introduction of affordable luxury mattress to the people of the city.

Peps caters to every section of the society with a vast range of its product line that includes Spring Koil, Restonic, Spine Guard, Grand Palais Crystal, Double Decker and Vivah mattress. Each outlet is designed with their wide range of premium products such as mattresses, pillows, comforters and much more, to give customers a complete bedroom-like experience. Peps’ Great Sleep Stores embody the perfect picture of comfort while giving customers a clear preview of how Peps can enhance their bedrooms. The stores also exemplify the personality of the brand by highlighting the importance of comfortable sleeping.

Smt Mamata Pandey - Hon Mayor - Satna - Inside PEPS StorePeps Industries was established in 2006, by Mr. K. Madhavan, MD, Peps Industries and his two partners. Peps holds the majority stake in India’s spring mattress market and has played a crucial role in bringing world-class affordable spring mattresses to Indian consumers. Peps has partnered with Restonic Corporation of USA, which is one of the largest mattress companies in the world. Being the only Indian company with a licensing agreement with Restonic, Peps has exclusive access to the unique technology of Restonic and can leverage this to expose Indians to international sleep standards.

Since its inception in 2006, Peps has seen recorded tremendous growth in producing over 2 lakh mattress annually. The company is now looking to tap into all the different segments of bedroom accessories to become the complete bedroom solution for all.

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