Crystal Organises Farmer Training on Weed Management for Wheat

Leading agro-chemical company introduces farmers to herbicide ACM-9, a wheat crop saviour

An impressive farmers’ meet was organised by Crystal Crop Protection Pvt. Barwala today. The purpose of the meeting wasto introduce farmers to ACM 9 which could be a saviour for their wheat crop. Around 200 progressive farmers from Hisar, Jind and Fatehabad districts participated in the training. Mr.Bijendra Balian, RSM-Haryana welcomed the participants. Speaking to them, Mr. M S Rawat, Crystal’s GM-Marketing, pointed out that the main culprit for losses in wheat crop is Mandusi (Phalaris minor). This notorious weed has developed resistance against most of the currently used herbicides and is the main challenge for farmers for increasing/maintaining wheat yield.

ACM-9 developed by Crystal’s R&D is a patent applied product for the control ofMandusi. It is a combination of two different modes of action molecules. Hence it provides better control over Mandusi, compared to exiting products, informed Mr Rawat. In addition, it also controls Wild Oat (Jangli Jai) and many other broad leaf weeds, he said.  ACM 9’s USP is that it controls weeds at the most critical stage in the growth of wheat and allows the crop to flourish, giving farmers a good yield. For maximum benefit, farmers need to use ACM-9 at the right stage i.e. at 30-35 days after sowing when the weed is at a 2-4 leaf stage.  Farmers were informed that the soil needs to be moist at the time of application. Mr Rawat also briefed them about other details of the application technology which farmers generally ignore, but which is crucial for the success of the crop.

Dr. Samundar Singh, Principal Scientist, Weed Control, Haryana Agriculture University, Hisar told key points of weed control in wheat. He also highlighted about the importance of spray technology in weed control.

The meeting wound up with Crystal’s quintessential farmers’ quiz. The winners were honoured by Crystal. Mr. Sanjay Singh, DRSM, Crystal, gave the vote of thanks.

Speaking of the event Mr. Ankur Agrawal, Managing Director,   Crystal Crop Protection Pvt. Ltd. said “It’s always a pleasure to organize such training programmes for farmers and discuss their problems. It helps us to come up with products in accordance with their needs. The weed issue has been plaguing the wheat crop for a long time.  After a lot of research and development we have come up with ACM-9 which has won the best new launch award, and which will solve the problem of weed infestation and give farmers a good wheat crop.Through reach-out programme such as this, farmers are equipped with the latest information on crop management.”

Crystal, a Rs 1200 crore company, founded with the vision of transforming the agriculturalindustry through promotion and adoption of scientific farming practices has an elaborate agriculture extension programme aimed at farmers’ welfare. In this endeavor, the 34-year- old group has become one of the fastest-growing agrochemical companies in India, with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators, and micronutrients as part of its portfolio. Through its research and development, product range expansion, innovative technology, and extension services, the company introduces the latest chemical technologies at affordable prices.

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