International Day of Yoga celebration at CMR University

Dynamic yoga sessions were conducted for students on the occasion of International Day of Yoga CMR University on Wednesday, June 22, 2016.

Dr Anand K Joshi, Vice Chancellor, emphasised that Yoga should become a part of life for healthy living. “Practising Yoga is important for student’s life and it should become the imperative part of one’s daily life in order to achieve success and good human beings.” The Vice Chancellor also added that he himself has been practising yoga for more than a decade now and hence has seen its fruitful effects in his life and career.

Giridhar Kulakarni, MSc Yoga, Yoga Therapist who was the chief guest on the occasion, said, “Students work hard to achieve success but the right methods are not applied in the doing so. Students ensure that best books and best tutors are involved for their academic excellence, but inherent factors like concentration strength and memory power enhancements are ignored in the process. Yoga is the only best practice for memory power and concentration enhancement for students.  Practising yoga should become a part of everyone’s life for a better and healthy living.”

Kulakarni also emphasised that, “Yoga is like an ocean of knowledge and practising yoga over a long period of time is essential for positive effects. Yoga should be practised appropriately failing which may result in the ineffectiveness of the sciences itself.”

Krishnaji Kulakarni, founder, Adhyathma Vishwavidyalaya, said, “Youngsters must keep away from bad lifestyle and should practice healthy living. Students must take lessons from epics like Mahabharatha for a holistic life by incorporating moral values that are prescribed in these legends”.  Online essay competition and yoga demonstration sessions were conducted for the students on the occasion of International Day of Yoga.

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