Ski India this weekend for an enthralling experience

Weekend Getaway at Snowy Wonderland near you; Visit Ski India this weekend for an enthralling experience!

Beat the scorching heat this summer by visiting the most exciting place this holiday season, Ski India, which is Asia’s largest Sci-Fi themed snow park, the perfect destination to be at with your family and friends.

Ski India is the destination where you can experience something that blends cutting edge technology with iconic attractions and experience, you never had. With the internal temperature of -10°C to -15°C and a freezing snowfall, you cannot find another place in Delhi/NCR which keeps the blistering heat at bay.

Snow and the games inside the park can really kick your excitement level and provide with all the fun n frolic experience you have been looking for since long. Ski India is (literally) the most chilled out place recently opened in Delhi/NCR. The concept which provides the guests with adventurous skiing, tubing, toboggan, bob sledge, ice skating, carousal, frozen odyssey and real snow play area. Ski India also boasts of a never-seen-before sci-fi world theme filled with intergalactic sports. The team of imaginers has designed an illuminating Wormhole Portal at the entry that would transport all the earthlings (patrons) into the unseen planet. Orri & Orran (Ski India’s mascots) pilot the earthlings while the Snow Men guides them through all the intergalactic sports. So the species of this planet just can’t wait to meet the Earthlings.

Tell your loved ones that you love them truly by providing them with the relief from the heat Sun has been bestowing upon.

About Chiliad Procons:

Chiliad Procons are global leaders in creating internal strategy, designs and development. The group is putting all its efforts towards being a distinguished player in the amusement industry.The best in technology and concepts are ready to take over the Indian market, reassuring its visitors to attain beyond belief experiences. Each project is a unique legacy to the World of Entertainment, be itSnowworld, Ski India or any other upcoming concepts.

The company is willing to implement the leading edge technologies and products in strategic alliance with world-class international corporations, to create landmark destinations across the nation, in the field of entertainment and tourism with alliances that are best in technology across the globe.

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