Himalaya Baby Care Organized a Rejuvenating Spa Session on Father’s Day

Himalaya Baby Care, India’s leading herbal baby care brand from Himalaya Drug Company, hosted a rejuvenating spa session for daddies on this Father’s Day. Himalaya Baby Care conducted a social media contest where fathers have shared their most incredible photographs with their baby, the best images felicitated with experiential spa session in Space spa Bangalore.

Being a father is a profound and unique experience, it is remarkably challenging but uniquely rewarding at the same time. Often first – time dads struggle to balance new parenting responsibility with work and career goals. Both men and women face similar issues when becoming new parents, whilst Motherhood comes with a complete roller coaster of emotions, steep learning curve and challenges of every kind. Fatherhood materialized with more focus on financial-related responsibilities, savings, issues related to the costs of raising a child – lead to create some level of unique anxiety and stress.

Though mothers are the primary caregivers of a child, fathers are also playing an equally significant role in the upbringing of the baby. Today fathers do share the load of baby care from bathing and diaper changing to rocking and singing equally. In the modern family setup equal parenting is an encouraged concept – i.e. the responsibility of bringing up a child lies with both parents.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Chakravarthi, General Manager-Himalaya Baby Care said “Stress is not a gender specific issue, as a father, balancing your roles as parent, partner, and bread-winner for the family is tough. Nowadays fathers are much more evolved than their predecessors who were not clued in on childcare and would always rely on the mother. Today fathers are ready to share the equal load of parenting, Himalaya Baby Care appreciates the contribution of fathers toward their family and aims to offer them a chance to rejuvenate and reconnect with themselves through a complimentary spa session”.

Mr. Ashish Mishra, the winner of the contest who was present at the event stated that “I feel so relaxed after the spa session; I realized that just taking an hour away from my daily schedule can do wonders for my mind and body. I am so glad Himalaya Baby care is doing this for fathers and I would recommend every daddy to take some time out to pamper them as often as they can!”

Unfortunately, often fathers fail to practice self-care after baby birth, it is important to understand that more the daddies care for themselves, the more energy and peace of mind they will have.

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