Timely Treatment of Periarticular Fractures by a Skilled Doctor Is a Must for Safeguarding the Health of a Joint

Periarticular fractures occur in and around a person’s joints. It is imperative that these fractures are diagnosed and treated in a timely fashion by a skilled doctor in a specialty hospital setting, failing which the long-term health of the patient will become compromised.

Apollo Hospitals Limited

Apollo Hospitals Institute of Orthopedics recently hosted an education program for the doctors fraternity focusing on Recent Advances in Management of Periarticular Fractures”.  Dr A Navaladi Shankar, Senior Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals chennai deeply discussed the emerging and cutting edge techniques and algorithms in the care of patients with Complex Periarticular fractures in upper and lower extremities with the audience. Dr Navaladi Shankar insisted that these types of fractures involving cartilages, have to be attended to meticulously. “If unattended, joint stiffness will set in and lead to arthritis”, he said.

The Apollo Institutes of Orthopaedics brings over 35 years of pioneering excellence in orthopaedic care; it has been the forerunner in spearheading game changing innovations in India. The CME is designed to be a practical case-based discussion on common orthopedic problems encountered in everyday practice. Through a deft combination of the practical experience of experts and current evidence on the subject, the audience was provided with balanced information on all topics. The case-based interaction format helped answer questions besides providing practical tips to put into practice.

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