Reliance Securities launches Tick PRO – India’s first mobile app for options trading

Reliance Securities, the broking and distribution arm of Reliance Capital, today launched India’s first mobile-based options trading application – TICK PRO.

The first-of-its kind mobile application offers multiple real-time market data scanners to identify market trends and help choose right option strategies using Robo-analytics and advanced technical chartings.

“Options trading in the Indian market has seen rapid growth in the last few years and accounts for more than 78 per cent of the approximately Rs.1.4 lakh crore daily volume on NSE. The share of Options volume in the last seven years has increased from 27 per cent in 2008 to 78 per cent today. We believe there is big demand for options trading through mobile and we intend to capitalize on the this opportunity by offering TICK PRO”, said Mr. B. Gopkumar, CEO Broking & Distribution Business, Reliance Capital, while launching the app here today.

TICK PRO, which uses 20 live robots for analytics, is the first mobile-based application in the country to offer real-time market scanners and eliminates the tedious Excel sheet computation currently done by traders. The application captures and processes pre-defined market watch for Nifty, Bank Nifty and other indices with real-time market updates with advanced technical charting support on the mobile.

The application scans over 25,000 contracts, 5,000 securities per second and identifies specific opportunities for covered calls, covered put, long straddle with highest implied volatility. It allows traders take calculated decisions and helps them to get options contracts filtered and listed under strategies like covered call, covered put, long straddle with highest implied volatility.

“Going forward, securities business will compete on the basis of technology rather than commission. Disruptive technologies will be a game changer for retail investors, who till date have avoided trading in the options market. With easy to use analytics, powerful Robo-analytics, and complete ease of trading on the mobile, traders and investors can grab the opportunity right on their screens,’ said Mr. Gopkumar.

The broking industry has been embracing Internet and mobility, which has resulted in close to 60 per cent of the overall derivative volumes moving online. Today, approximately Rs. 60,000 crore of daily derivative volumes is transacted online of which Rs. 1,600 crore comes from mobile.

“The share of trades through mobile will grow threefold – from the existing Rs 1,600 crore to Rs 6,000 crore – in the next couple of years, and more than 90 per cent of volume share will still be from the derivatives segment. With the launch of TICK PRO, we aim to capture a substantial part of this segment,” said Mr. Gopkumar.

The key feature of the app include real time scanners that give traders list of stocks under different criteria like Rising and Falling  Volume, Price trend, Strong and Weak options, High-Low breakers, Abnormal Volume Shocker, Bearish strategies, IV scanners and Neutral strategies.

TICK PRO is available for Android and iOS version and can be downloaded at Play Store and Appstore.

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