Nobel Prize Nominee Charges Swedish Government of Partiality

Prof. Mrinal Thakur, Director of the Photonic Materials Research Laboratory, Auburn University (USA) has charged the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for indulging in a “pick and choose” game in giving the Nobel Prize thereby lowering its glorious status.

Prof. Thakur has alleged that apparently the Nobel Committees shows a great apathy towards giving the award to the Indians, Asians, Africans and Latin Americans.

Prof. Thakur has sought the intervention of the Modi Government at the Centre to take up the issue with the Prime Minister of Sweden Mr Stefan Löfvenm in ensuring that the Indian scientists also are credited with the Nobel Prize for their scientific discoveries.

Prof. Thakur is getting nominated for the Nobel Prize since 2001. He has also been nominated this year for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Prof. Thakur is known the world over for inventing that the “Non-conjugated Conductive Polymers.”

No credit was given to Prof. Thakur in 2000 Nobel Prize and afterwards for his discovery of “Non-conjugated Conductive Polymers” although the Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery of “Conductive Polymers”. The fundamental theoretical basis of conductive polymers as provided by Prof. Thakur (1988) has been proven to be correct while that given by the Nobel recipients were proven incorrect.

In a press release issued here, Prof. Thakur has alleged that the Royal Swedish Academy still has not made the requisite correction in the document preserved at the Nobel Foundation website despite repeated requests. The document states that a polymer must be conjugated to be electrically conductive – which is nonfactual and the corresponding theory is incorrect.

Among many applications, the most significant application of non-conjugated conductive polymers is in protecting lives and the environment against radioactive iodine (carcinogenic) emitted from nuclear power plants, nuclear spent-fuel-rods, rocket/space satellite launching stations, other nuclear reactors as in nuclear-powered ships/submarines, and as emitted during treatment of thyroid cancer and hyperthyroidism (nuclear medicine).

Prof. Thakur’s research funding was abruptly stopped by the U.S. Government as he brought up the incorrectness and inequity regarding the 2000 Nobel Prize. The funding has remained stopped for the past 12 years since 2003. These issues must be resolved – said Professor Thakur.

Prof. Thakur, a Non-Resident Indian, asked the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to take up his case with the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences or the Swedish government for ensuring that the Nobel Prize was accorded to him this year.

He said recent communications have established that the 2000 Nobel Laureates are incorrect in the fundamental basis they put forward. On the other hqand, Prof. Thakur’s works have been proved as correct all along.

In addition, Prof. Thakur stated that “Super-resolved Fluorescence Microscopy” (2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry) is an application based on earlier nonlinear optical experimental and theoretical studies performed by Professor Thakur and colleagues on organic materials (published in Appl. Phys. Lett., Phys. Rev Lett., MRS Proc., Macromolecules etc. on 1985 and onwards). Again, Professor Thakur received no credit for his works that led to this application.

All these issues should and can be easily addressed by the Government of Sweden in coordination with the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

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