iUNIR and Ozone Wifi joins hands

iUniR - LogoiUNIR, India’s first community pooling app and Ozone Networks, a leading public Wi-Fi services provider, have tied-up to provide improved service to business houses and educational institutes. This alliance aid help iUNIR in accomplishing their objective of developing a greener and a more connected society through eco-ride share and Ozone networks shall add by providing free Wi-Fi to all people and communities connected.

India’s situation is quite alarming when it comes to on-road traffic which has been the foremost reason for causing health problems, commuting hassles and ever increasing pollution.  According to a survey, 450 million vehicles will be seen on Indian roads by the end of 2020 which shall add to the current traffic woes. India’s air quality ranks at the 5th lowest in the world; kids and youngsters remain to be the worst affected.

At such a crucial juncture, iUNIR has come as a saviour with a unique idea of community pooling. iUNIR and Ozone together are committed boost safe and eco-friendly travel besides reducing the commute time. Ozone shall provide free Wi-Fi services to businesses opting to work with iUNIR which in turn is allowing a free download option on Ozone Wi-Fi services.

Excited about the alliance, Mr. Sandeep Kumar, Co-Founder of  iUNIR said, “Several companies have the mandate to decrease carbon dioxide from the environment as a part of their social responsibility. iUNIR is helping them achieve their target. Besides making the campuses green, iUNIR is also providing car chargers, air purifier, and mouth masks, free of cost to its users.”

“We feel fortunate to have the support of India’s Wi-Fi King, Ozone Networks towards achieving our goals of having a cleaner and a healthier city. We would like to urge more corporate to enroll with iUNIR as no pollution means healthier employees who will in-turn take less time off from work”, Sandeep added further.

Speaking on the same, Mr. Sanjeev Bobby Sarin, Founder, CEO, Ozone Networks said, “We partnered with iUNIR because we saw great potential in the company and making the city green is a noble motive. With this association, we would be able to achieve 2 things; ‘Wifi on the go and healthy air on the go’.”

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