Epicor Announces Executive Appointment – Celia Fleischaker is Named Chief Marketing Officer

Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, announced today that Celia Fleischaker has been appointed chief marketing officer (CMO). Fleischaker was previously senior vice president of global marketing for the company.

As more customers look to move software to the cloud, Epicor is now more than ever in a position to help support their transition from a technology and business standpoint — regardless if they are looking to increase revenue and market-share, expand product lines, improve service offerings, extend channels-to-market, increase efficiency, add locations, or a combination of all.

Fleischaker will be responsible for, among other things, collaborating across the business to ensure customers have continuous access to the right solutions, services and support to transform processes, and free up resources to grow their business in a scalable manner.

“Celia has been instrumental in moving the needle on our cloud-first focus and the customer-first culture we outlined a year ago to help our customers achieve growth,” said Joe Cowan, president and chief executive officer of Epicor. “After surveying our customers during our recent annual Insights user conference, we found more than 80% of them agree Epicor has helped them grow their business.”

“Growing business is what our customers are focused on, and we are absolutely aligned with helping them manage and achieve growth, as reflected in the new brand story we recently unveiled – Grow Business, Not Software,” Fleischaker said. “Our new brand identity recognizes that software isn’t the outcome our customers are looking for when they invest in Epicor – the software and services are simply tools in the background to help them profitably grow their business. I’m excited to partner with our customers and see our brand story realized through their success.”

Fleischaker also noted that a recent survey commissioned by Epicor discovered unplanned growth can present unexpected challenges for a business, with nearly half of respondents concurring business growth adds stress to operations, damages quality and customer satisfaction. “Growth brings new challenges – from infrastructure to customer relationship management – and our customers need reliable technology and support to manage increasing complexity, minimize growing pains, and maximize the opportunity for success.”

Cowan added, “Our focus is on innovation, meeting customer needs and providing high quality customer experiences — regardless if customers are looking to increase revenue or market share, expand product lines, improve service offerings, extend channels-to-market, increase efficiency, add locations, or any combination of the above – Epicor is committed to being a reliable partner along their path to growth.”

Fleischaker brings more than 20 years of experience to the position, where she is responsible for building brand identity, corporate communications, marketing operations, and digital strategy for the company. Before becoming chief marketing officer, Fleischaker served in a number of roles including corporate communications, product marketing, and product management. Prior to joining Epicor, Fleischaker spent several years in the ERP industry with companies such as Infinium Software (Software 2000) and start-up FocusSoft, Inc. Fleischaker received her Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia, and her Master’s degree in Business Administration from Indiana University.

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