IP-COM Collaborates with Worldsun

IP-COM product release at the eventExpanding its product lines all across the globe, IP-COM global leader in manufacturing and supplying Commercial Networking Products and Solutions, partners with Worldsun, a leading Communications Networks Company from Iran. During the event, they held a product release and partner summit in Grand scale in Espinas Hotel of Tehran.

The summit was a gala event, where Mr. Saeed, CEO Worldsun, welcomed IP-COM and boasted of co-operation with IP-COM and commemorated how the business alliance with IP-COM will bring new changes to Iranian wireless communication industry and with this coalition, how the technology will be readily available with high cost effectiveness for customers with great enterprise quality and features.

Addressing the meet, Mr. Liang, VP IP-COM, pointed out the new tendency of future internet industry and the positive changes of wireless solutions made on people’s lives. Meanwhile he spoke highly of the cooperation between IP-COM and Worldsun, “As a strategic partner of Worldsun, I am extremely confident about IP-COM’s development in Iran”.

Present at the gala event, Mr. Yu, regional president in charge of Middle East & Africa, gave a brief introduction of IP-COM from all facets, like history, technology, strength, the future strategy and the core value of SME solution. And he invited all the partners to join IP-COM and Worldsun’s business to achieve a win-win target.

William Zhang, Product Manager IP-COM, together with Mr. Vahid, CTO Worldsun, presented IP-COM’s product and solution in vivid and simple way to the listed audience.

Post summit, Mr. Saeed, CEO Worldsun, and Mr. Liang, VP IP-COM, were interviewed by local media TV channels, both of them showed the confidence to the development and potential of Iranian ICT market.

The summit boots a good start for IP-COM to step into Iranian market, and it also indicates a profound cooperation with Worldsun for years to come.

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