Beat this Summer with Monte Carlo’s vibrant Floral Collection

The latest collection from Monte Carlo introduces a new range of floral pattern dresses, perfect for summer outings

Floral Shorts For Men - Monte CarloWhile not much can be done to cool off the blazing sun belching out waves of torrid heat, you can certainly add cool burst of colors and soothing floral prints to your wardrobe this season to make it more summer friendly!

Monte Carlo’s latest offering is a fresh new Floral Collection that will give you a much-needed break from the monotony of your daily dressing, and equip you with a perfect attire for a brunch, pool parties, beach vacations or just an open air outing.

The collection evidently captures the dynamic and cheerful spirit of summer, and the exciting and refreshing new range will make you stand out with your style quotient. The light colors and beautiful floral patterns are as much soothing to the body as to the eyes.

Monte Carlo’s Floral Collection features styles for both men and women, with each product exclusively designed as per the latest trends in a prism of rich, vivid colors.

The women’s collection is designed taking inspiration from fun-filled summer vacations incorporating innovative cuts and chic styles. The Men’s Collection includes light denim shirts and shorts to beat the hot weather outside. The brand’s latest offerings include shirts, dresses, crop tops, t-shirts, trousers and lowers– perfect to go with the summer season!

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