The Trendiest Watches for Monochrome look from Fastrack

Monochrome isn’t just black and white, or at times stretched to a grayscale. It’s now a leading trend of the fashion industry and this evolution of singularly coordinated colours, shades and hues not only keeps the essence intact but also breaks through the barriers of colour codes effortlessly. Leading this trend closer home, is none other than Fastrack.  Not unexpected from the snazzy youth brand, but definitely a refreshing take on the monochrome trend, Fastrack has watches in stunning shades keeping in mind you might feel blue one day and black the next.  Choose glamour, strength or poise to style the entire look, one colour head to toe to express yourself the way you are and who you want to be.

For all the watch enthusiasts who love to stick to one specific colour depending on their mood; Fastrack has you covered. The watches are available in solid colours and for the ones who are looking for a more understated look there is rose gold as well, these monochrome watches are ready and waiting to complete your OOTD.

Fearless expression of your fluid identity with colours that define you

As with every generation, the latest Gen Z also has their own way of doing things. They are passionate about things they care about and matter to them. They believe in the DIY way of life and with that comes the need of constant exploration of ways to express your fluid self and trying out new things that are synonymous to your character.

The monochrome trend articulates these attributes in the best possible way. It is not just about choosing one colour, but also about making a singular statement and standing out in a sea of multi colours. For the youth who express their mood, their vibe, and themselves through their shades, monochrome is the trend to follow.

Inspired by this distinctive trend, Fastrack‘s Monochromes collection is the perfect accessory designed to capture every shade of the individual and help the fashionistas complete their monochromatic moment.

Fastrack’s range of monochrome watches offers an array of watches to select from different shades and hues of orange, peach, green, pastels and many more with a well-defined strap, dial, back case and buckle coloured in a single guise. Pick a colour for every version of you.

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