Portronics Launches Portable Laptop Stand – My Buddy Hexa 22

360-degree Rotatable Laptop Stand; provides a comfortable working posture for longer working hours

Sitting for prolonged periods of time in uncomfortable postures can be a major concern, resulting in back pain, increased stress in the neck, arms, wrist, and more. To combat the tremendous amount of pressure that surrounds the spine and other body parts, Portronics, a leading player in the portable and innovative consumer electronics market, launches My Buddy Hexa 22, a portable laptop stand, to offer comfortable working postures and reduced stress levels.

With a solid ABS Plastic build, the My Buddy Hexa 22 has a portable, foldable and compact design that allows you to carry it anywhere with ease, anytime you want. The stand can firmly hold all laptop sizes up to 15 inches, including MacBook and Tablets, preventing slipping and other dangers to your device.

The stand also comes with a vent to stimulate natural airflow, which reduces the chance of overheating issues by keeping the device cool at all times. The natural air ventilation works with the laptop’s in-built fan to keep the device cool. This feature not only enhances the life of the device and its battery, but also prolongs the life of the internal components like the CPU, motherboard, etc.

The laptop stand is equipped with a 360-degree Rotatable base, so you can easily rotate your laptop without moving yourself. Its 7 customizable angles let you adjust the height of the stand, reducing the risk of neck and wrist injuries, easier typing, and a more comfortable viewing experience. With My Buddy Hexa 22 in place, and its multifunctional design, facilitate an improved work posture, work from the comfort of your bed, build a workstation, stream movies and TV shows, or just use it as a desk!

Pricing and Availability:

My Buddy Hexa 22 is available at an introductory price of INR 1,299/- on all leading online and offline stores. As part of a special ongoing offer, the product is available at a discounted price on the brand’s official website – www.portronics.com.

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