Ramaiah Announces a New International Medical Pathway in association with St George’s University

Ramaiah Group of Institutions in association with St George’s University with more than 21,000 graduates including physicians, veterinarians, scientists, and public health and business professionals across the world Grenada (SGU) is offering medical aspirants in India an innovative educational pathway to practice medicine in India, the US, or UK.

New frontiers are being opened up for Indian students with the association between Ramaiah Group of Institutions and St George’s University, who will be exposed to both Eastern and Western cultures and benefit from a truly global education.

The new pathway offers a superlative possibility for aspiring physicians to go into a global medical profession and begin to analyze closer to their MD diploma in September 2020. Ramaiah, based in Bengaluru will permit the candidates to begin their journey closer to turning into a health practitioner in a acquainted   surroundings in which they can build strong  relationships with other students in their cohort before transferring abroad collectively as a near-knit institution inside the 2nd 12 months. To facilitate the aspirants’ transition to studying abroad, SGU will provide some of visitor lectures at Ramaiah all through the first 12 months.

Ramaiah Group of Institutions partner with St Georges UniversityThe new pathway provides 10+2 graduates the opportunity to obtain a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree that is recognized by the Medical Council of India, through a 5-year pathway.

Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree awarded by SGU with successful completion of the course and a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Sciences with Honors from Northumbria University on successfully completing their third year and meeting all eligibility criteria, and a Certificate in Higher Education in Medical Sciences from Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences.

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