Monsoon Hair Care Tips to keep your hair fresh and vibrant

Are you fretting about the hair care troubles that crop up during the monsoon? Dandruff, dull hair, infections and hairfall are pretty common problems you’re going to grapple with in this season. On regular days, normally  find around 50 strands of hair on a brush but as soon as the monsoon approaches it gauges upto 100.

With the loom of the monsoon, you can also witness problems like oily scalp and roughness that makes your hair look subtle. These seasonal problems can be tackled easily that arise due to excess of humidity in monsoon.

But not to frazzle, here are some tricks and tips shared by Rupali Sharma, Founder of Aegte Lifescience to taking care of your hair during monsoon:

Oil Massage

Monsoon Hair Care Tips to keep your hair fresh and vibrant - AegteDuring the monsoon, people always look around for the things that could be helpful in nourishing the hair. Use Aegte Organic naturally extracted Onion hair Oil and gently apply on the scalp as it keeps your hair healthy. Onion is one of the oldest remedies which have phenomenal effects in treating Hair loss and Hair thinning. It is enriched with Fenugreek seeds, red onion, Amla and other ingredients that minimizes hair breakage and will make your hair healthy and shiny.

Wear a scarf

You could lend into the bad hair days if you are constantly drenching in the monsoon. Carry a scarf or hat when you are travelling outside. It prevents dirt, humidity or pollution from damaging the hair in any way. Aegte Healthy Roots Hair Growth Oil of Ginger- Onion- Baobab assures to not let you face the Hair troubles.

Opt for Chemical Free Shampoo

It is advised to not go for shampoo which may contain sulphate and harmful chemicals as they affects your hair growth and results in split ends and dull hair.

We advise to use Aegte Keralution Shampoo with is formulated with Keratin & Biotin and has several other ingredients which is proven to help you cure hair fall and dull hair.

Apply Healthy roots Hair Growth mask

If you are looking out for the products that could promote your hair growth, builds up the hair strength, shine, smoothness and takes away the fizziness then, you should use the Aegte Healthy Roots Hair Growth Mask. Enriched with Onion oil, ginger extract, Curry leaf extract and other ingredients.

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