173 migrants flown by AirAsia India from Mumbai to Dehradun supported by NLS Alumni

The airline operates its 17th #UmeedKiUdaan charter today; 6th in collaboration with National Law School Alumni

Speaking about the Umeed Ki Udaan charter, Anup Manjeshwar, Head, Sales & Distribution, AirAsia India said, “In the past three weeks, we have collaborated with National Law School for six charter flights carrying migrant workers  to cities like Ranchi, Bhubaneswar, Patna and Guwahati. The flight to Dehradun from Mumbai is another milestone to our ongoing association with the NLS Alumni, carrying 173 pax.

He further added, “When we flew our first charter for this humanitarian cause we knew our efforts to reunite families would be well received. The ‘Umeed Ki Udaan’ initiative makes us proud and gives us a sense of great satisfaction in living up to our brand ethos, ‘Now Everyone Can Fly’. We look forward to being a part of many more stranded peoples’ journey back home..”

Air Asia flies migrants 2

Speaking of the initiative, one of the organizers, Suhaan Mukherjee said, “When the seeds of Aahan Vaahan germinated to alleviate the plight of migrant workers, we recognised that it was imperative that we prioritise safety, speed and convenience and are very appreciative of the way AirAsia came forward to fulfil this. The ethos of the company resonates well with our mission and the manner in which they have facilitated the process and welcomed migrant workers as guests travelling home has been heartwarming. We would like to acknowledge everyone who came forward to join us in this journey and will continue our efforts with the same motivation, empathy and spirit.”

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