Grandparents empower children with invaluable knowledge of life

Family is a gift of God, and all the members of a family are joined together with a thread of unconditional love. Having an elder in your family is a matter of luck. Today, when the whole world is struggling with the corona outbreak, we are starting to understand the importance of our elders in the family. It is often heard that blood is always thicker than water, but it is most visible between the bond between grandparents and children. The precautions that we are taking today to fight this deadly virus have been given to us by our elders a long time ago. Whether it is greeting people with a simple “Namaste” or it is covering your mouth with your elbow while sneezing, all these tricks are taught to us by our elders.

Remember when we used to count days to visit our grandparents in our childhood? Looking back, we realize how much life skills lessons we have acquired in those days. The mischief and pranks we did simply for enjoyment turned out to be hard lessons of life. We acquired many habits and knowledge which will stay with us throughout our life. However, in the current scenario, because of lockdown, our life is closed down. Educational institutions, offices, factories are shut down for some time. This lockdown is affecting the mental and emotional health of children. Even though it is summer, they could not visit their grandparents like before. They are being forced to stay at home all the time.

Nani Ki Pathshala 3

According to Mr. Atul Malikram, Founder of PR 24 x7, who is running the #NaniKiPathshala campaign, education should not be limited to the four walls of schools. Our elders at home are universities in themselves. Through the #NaniKiPathshala campaign, people are being motivated to give importance to the experience of elders. Of course, this time has been important in terms of bringing us closer to our loved ones. But, it has also allowed us to understand the importance of living with older generations. Mr. Atul Malikram says that “This is the time for children to be with grandparents. Today, when the schools are closed, we can teach our children some qualities of life through their grandparents who will encourage them to fight in every adversity. When they are with their grandparents, children acquire certain good habits and learn moral lessons of living a good life. They help them understand the true meaning of life.”

Today, we are living in a world that is much more different than the past few decades. Children are losing the touch and pampering of their grandparents which is visible in their personality. Grandparents have a very deep impact on the lives of children. Parents need to understand the crucial role grandparents play in their lives.

With the world changing at a rapid pace, children need grandparents in their life more than ever. Instead of following book lessons, they need real-life lessons provided to them in the form of stories, poems, and games by the grandparents. They are taught basic lessons of morality like respecting others, following the path of honesty, spreading love in the society, helping each other, etc. Apart from that, they learn about their tradition, culture, and beliefs. Knowledge knew no bounds. We must give our children life lessons through experience. #NaniKiPathshala campaigns aim to connect children with grandparents to give them lessons of real life.

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