Razorpay to facilitate donations for Facebook fundraisers

Stepping up its efforts in the COVID-19 battlefield, Razorpay, India’s leading FinTech company made an announcement today, about its support for Facebook Fundraisers in India, by enabling users with a swift, secure and seamless customer experience.

The FinTech major will facilitate donations for the Facebook Fundraiser platform, allowing people to raise money for charitable organisations, health and medical institutes, underprivileged women workers, animal welfare, personal emergencies and social communities. In an effort to encourage people, Facebook’s Social for Good Live-athon has already seen India’s leading celebrities, creators and public figures raise funds for charities. Since its launch on April 24th, more than 100 influencers across the country have participated in this initiative and raised money for charities and causes they care for.

Encouraging companies and people to offer support, Harshil Mathur, CEO and Co-founder, Razorpay said, “We are excited to facilitate online donations for people using Facebook Fundraisers and make their transactions seamless and hassle-free, while raising support for charities that are working to bring India back to its feet. We hope to provide them with a flawless customer experience and help people fight against COVID.”

He added, “In times like these, it is important for organisations and individuals to continue to come together and improve our response to this situation. While everything looks uncertain to all of us at the moment, the best we can do is to support, so let’s continue to do so.”

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Manish Chopra, Head and Director of Partnerships, Facebook India said, “As we continue to fight the pandemic, communities around the country need help. With the launch of Facebook Fundraisers, we are  making it easy for people to contribute to relief efforts. We are happy that Razorpay will be facilitating donations on Facebook and enable users from across the country.”

This announcement is also a part of Razorpay’s continued efforts to help people battling against COVID-19. Over the last month, the company, with its ‘COVID-19 Relief Fund’ campaign successfully mobilised individuals and organisations across the nation to support people battling this situation on the frontline. Till date Razorpay has raised over 12 Crore Rupees.

While the world is hoping for a quick recovery from the current situation, Razorpay urges every company and individual to comply with all precautions and measures, and offer relentless support to ensure the well-being of one and all.

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