Heritage Foods celebrates World Milk Day by striving for Dairy farmers’ welfare across the country

Heritage Foods Limited, leading dairy player in the country celebrates World Milk Day by striving for farmers empowerment & welfare. The company engages farmers across the States, where in the company has a presence for better cattle management, higher milk yields, fodder management and providing insurance. Dairy sector continues to be one of the major livelihood sources for rural India and a significant contributor to the country’s agrarian economy.

World Milk Day is an international day established by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to acknowledge the important contributions of the dairy sector to sustainability, economic development, livelihoods and nutrition.

Heritage Foods has a history of collaboration with farmers to enhance dairy productivity and the rural resource base. Inspired by the vision of making a contribution to the improvement of quality of life of dairy farmers, Heritage Foods has designed activities and implementing through Heritage Farmers Welfare Trust.

Heritage Foods current milk procurement process covers more than 12,000 villages spread across India, has been digitized right from the procurement to delivery to the end customer. Heritage Foods currently procures 14 lakh LPD from 3,00,000 farmers spread across India and works closely with farmers to improve their cattle management practices where in double their incomes and also improve milk yields.

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Heritage Farmers Welfare Trust (HFWT) had distributed 1,720 Tons of cattle feed free of cost to farmers across all states where in it has a presence, which synergise long-term shareholder value creation with enhancing rural social capital by empowering farmers.

During the last financial year Heritage Farmers Welfare Trust had conducted 2590 Veterinary Health Camps covering 2341 milk collection centers, this resulted in treating more than 1,63,714 cattle. Farmers were shown a total of 2486 video films on better management of their cattle covering 2341 milk collection centers. Total of 1255 artificial insemination was done.

Women in villages have taken dairy as mainstream activity for achieving financial support. Heritage Foods has played its role in empowering women by encouraging women take up dairy activities to ensure monthly income for running the family.

Commenting on the development, Mrs. Brahmani Nara, ED, Heritage Foods Limited said, “Farmers empowerment and their welfare have been the vision with which Heritage Foods had started dairy 28 years back, we are very fortunate to play a role in empowering dairy farming with variety of programs like cattle feed distribution, free veterinary care, educating on better cattle management practices, facilitating credit flow from banks.

Our focus would continue to be farmer empowerment and how we are going to make their lives better day by day, through this we deliver our brand promise of ‘Health and Happiness’ & #Nutrition to Nation to all our consumers by providing fresh & nutritious milk.”

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