GitHub Satellite news: Codespaces, Discussions, Advanced Security, Private Instances and more

At GitHub Satellite, GitHub announced a slew of new products to significantly improve the developer experience for the whole GitHub community, which just surpassed 50M developers. From making GitHub free for teams to the launch of GitHub for mobile earlier this year, GitHub is continuing to focus on solving the problems that matter to developers and removing barriers that stand in their way.

These include updates around developer collaboration, security, enterprise, and more:

  • GitHub Codespaces, a new product aimed to make it easier for developers to contribute to a project, allows developers to join a project, launch an environment, and be fully configured in just seconds.
  • GitHub Discussions, a new feature that makes it possible for open source communities to have conversations right in their repository where their community exists—on GitHub.
  • Code scanning and secret scanning, new native cloud features within GitHub Advanced Security, help automate security directly into the developer workflow and keep code secure.
  • GitHub Private Instances, our most secure and compliant fully-managed option for enterprises in highly-regulated industries.

Additionally, GitHub published a special edition of the Octoverse report (available here)The report specifically focuses on developer productivity, work cadence, and collaboration on GitHub in the early days of COVID-19.

Github Satellite

Maneesh Sharma, General Manager, GitHub India: “Thousands of communities live on GitHub and today’s announcements reaffirm our commitment to foster them, help remove barriers, and connect new communities. By introducing GitHub Codespaces, GitHub Discussions and GitHub Advanced Security features, we are making the entire software development supply chain more collaborative and secure, and bringing the development environment to wherever developers want to work.

The pace of digital transformation in India demands for modern, reliable and secure cloud-based development toolchains. Enterprises rely on communities on GitHub to build and use software. With GitHub Private Instances, enterprises who are looking to modernize their software development environment with a secure cloud platform, can rely on the same platform that supports more than 50 million developers globally. I’m excited about continuing to support developers and organizations through their innovation journey.”

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