World Design Day – Ms. Revathi Kant, Chief Design Officer, Titan Company Limited

Every year, On 27th April, World Design Day is celebrated. The aim of the World Design Day is to create awareness for design in multiple demographics across the globe. World Design Day program was especially established to promote design for a better, brighter future where good designs serve mankind through improvements in the quality of life by socio-cultural, economic, and environmental innovations.

On this occasion, Ms. Revathi Kant, Chief Design Officer, Titan Company Limited has shared her quote.

Ms Revathi Kant - Chief Design Officer - Titan CompanyDesign has transformed the outlook and approach on solving problems and the impact of design is going to be even more radical in the near future. Every product undergoes a design transformation in its product life cycle.  Design is  a key differentiator. Design innovation has a power to take the user into a unique, creative and more comfortable path which is yet undiscovered and unexplored to its full potential.

The convergence of sustainable design and technology is the future. We need to add more facets to continue to reinvent ourselves to remain relevant. There is a need to constantly innovate and create products that have a strong aspirational value. As a part of Design philosophy and aesthetics, we must include various methodologies and tools coming from future thinking and strategic foresight such as, trend mapping, system thinking and scenario planning which will lead to a better user experience.”

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