Aster RV creates human chain formation to create awareness on ‘No Smoking Day’

On the occasion of ‘No Smoking Day’, Aster RV Hospital created a human chain with more than 100 people to support and encourage people to quit smoking. Going by the 2020 theme to ‘Find Your Reason to Quit Smoking’, participants along with RV College of Nursing students raised banners and slogans with different reasons to help a smoker consider to permanently quit smoking. The event was presided over by ACP Ramesh, ACP of South Bangalore in the presence of Dr. Prashanth N., COO, Aster RV Hospital.

ACP Ramesh addressing students

Dr. Pavan Yadav, Interventional Pulmonology, said, “Smokers put themselves at a high risk of developing life threatening disease like lung cancer, heart attack, stroke, COPD and this can also affect fertility and bone health. By quitting smoking, one can reverse the damage done and if they permanently stay off the habit, the health risks of smoking can drop down to nil.”

Human Chain FormationAddressing the students, ACP Ramesh said, “It is important to create more awareness at the level of the youth, before smoking becomes a habit. Surveys show that people are trying to quit but only a small percentage of this are able to successfully do so. It is important to continue to raise awareness about the negative side effects of smoking and support people to permanently quit.”

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