Kudos Ayurveda Launches Dr. Dengue Herbal Mosquito Repellent

Kudos Ayurveda, the most trusted name today with over 100 years of experience in Ayurveda launches Dr. Dengue, Herbal Mosquito Repellent in 4 Variants – Herbal Mosquito Repellent Vaporiser, Herbal Mosquito Repellent Spray, Herbal Mosquito Repellent Cream and Herbal Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks with a combination of herbal essential oils and exudates to keep the mosquitoes away.

Commenting on the launch of this new Dr. Dengue Herbal Mosquito Repellent, Dr. Priyanka, CEO, Kudos Ayurveda said, “Kudos Ayurveda,  being the most trusted company for Ayurvedic medicine/products in India always focuses on the products that are 100% herbal in nature, safe with no side effects.”

After years of extensive research, Kudos has come up with an effective herbal mosquito formulation that not only helps repel mosquitoes but also effectively knocks them down. The best part is that this formulation is 100% herbal in nature, safe and free from any side effects and the best part is it smells great too!” Dr. Priyanka further added.

Just one mosquito can transmit multiple deadly diseases like Malaria, Chikungunya, Zika fever, Japanese Encephalitis, Yellow fever, Dengue, West Nile Virus, Filariasis, etc.

The mosquito repellents available in the market contains harmful chemical agents like pyrethrin and diethyltoluamide(DEET), Transfluthrin, Hydroxytoluene that are toxic to human body, causing allergies, respiratory problems, breathing difficulty, dizziness, stomach irritation, nausea, vomiting, skin infections and so on. The Transfluthrin toxicity in human results in disorders of central nervous system (CNS) with symptoms like headache, dizziness, drowsiness, status epilepticus. Hydroxytoluene inhibit the humoral immune response, pulmonary adenomas, tumor promotion effects, carcinogenic agents.

Pregnant women, infants, young children and senior citizens are particularly vulnerable to the side effects most of the chemical-laden repellents have, and it’s particularly hard for them to recover. In a nutshell, chemical insect repellents do more harm than good, especially in the long run and there has always been the need for a safe mosquito repellant with no side effects.

Dr. Dengue Herbal Mosquito Repellent is the most ideal alternate to the harmful chemical based mosquito repellents available in the market.

Indian mosquito repellent market size poised to become USD 775 million in 2020 is further projected to grow to nearly $ 900 million by 2024. Anticipated growth in the market can be attributed to rising cases of vector borne diseases in rural as well as urban areas.

Dr. Dengue Herbal Mosquito Repellent products are available both offline & online in general stores across India and on their websites www.drdengue.com and www.kudosayurveda.com.

Salient features of the Dr. Dengue Herbal Mosquito Repellent are as follows:

  • The effective Ingredients are obtained from plant extracts and are absolutely safe.
  • The Synergistic action of active ingredients helps in repelling mosquitoes within 5 minutes of its use.
  • It not only repels but also effectively knocks down 100% mosquitoes within 30 minutes.
  • Excellent performance with little chance to develop resistance.
  • Herbal extracts are absolutely safe to use
  • It fills the room with a pleasant fragrance.

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