Eye care tips during exams

With the onset of March, arrives exams and with exams comes its first casualty: EYES. Exam time means a lot of reading, writing that brings a lot of stress and strain to the eyes, the usually neglected part of our body.

“When it comes to taking proper care of your eyes, there are a number of things that you should be aware and informed of. Few people actually understand the various exercises and steps that should be performed in order to maintain proper function of the eyes.” opines Dr.LVK Raju

Dr. LVK Raju, MBBS, MS, Fellow – Phaco, Sr. Cataract, Lasik & ICL Surgeon, Maxivision Super speciality chain of eye hospitals Hyderabad highlights the critical ten commandments for eye care:

  1. Dr L V K Raju - Maxivision Super-specialty chain of eye hospitals HyderabadNever lie flat on your back and read.
  2. As far as possible, try to maintain a reading distance not less than 25 cms from the eye.
  3. Take adequate intervals of rest (5 to 10 minutes) in between reading for long hours. One can also relax the eyes by looking at a distant object 5 meters away.
  4. It is crucial that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables such as carrots, spinach, papaya and mangos, because all of these are rich in beta-carotene and therefore help you to have healthy eyes and proper vision.
  5. Do not compromise on sleep.
  6. In order to keep the eyes fresh one should avoid rubbing the eyes and should splash cold water instead.
  7. Never read in dim illumination as that may lead to eyestrain.
  8. Never read when in motion (as on a moving train or a bus).
  9. While working with reflecting surfaces like computer terminals, use anti-reflection coated glasses, to avoid glare and eyestrain. Position the monitor in such a way that there is a 45-degree angle between the eyes and the bottom of the screen.
  10. Get your eyes examined once a year by your optometrist/ophthalmologist even in the absence of an eye problem. Always follow the instructions of your optometrist in using glasses or contact lenses.

Going further experts at Maxivision suggest that if there are any symptoms like constant headaches, redness in eyes, watering eyes and recurring pain in eyes, parents should not ignore, instead take their child to an eye-expert for a comprehensive eye check-up. As on its part, Maxivision Super speciality chain of eye hospitals will be providing special eye check-ups especially for students during exam time.

Some basic tips to de-stress and keep the eyes relaxed

  • Eat healthy
  • Never compromise on sleep
  • Always keep the monitor at 45-degree angle to position the eyes better at the system.
  • Always study at place where there is ample light.
  • Splash cold water on eyes on equal intervals

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