SSN Solutions launches M-Fuel & Interactive Persona and Behavior Mapper

SSN solutions, a next generation tech company which specializes in consumer data acquisition launches its two products; M-Fuel & Interactive Persona and Behavior Mapper. M-Fuel gives marketers the power to get the consumer’s 360-degree profiles and holistic demographic view. Thus, enabling them to plan and execute their sales/marketing strategies effectively at a low cost with high impact. While, Interactive Persona and Behavior Mapper (IPBM) brings the interactivity in consumer engagements and identifies consumer personas, behavior and his/her needs in real time. Thus, allowing brands to sell their products or distribute offers to the right audience at the right time.

These products provide the holistic view of the consumers and demography to the brands & marketers. It engages more effectively with consumers at various channels thus increasing the ROI because of precision marketing.

SSN Solutions launches M-Fuel and Interactive Persona and Behavior Mapper“We are going an extra mile by providing businesses with a full End-to-End data workflow under one roof. Right from acquiring the data, to ability for targeting and segmenting it, to researching the demography, and by bringing a fully integrated marketing campaign management system where businesses can execute a highly elaborate marketing campaigns with just few clicks of a button, all the while analyzing the ROI in detail so that they can focus on campaigns that actually works”, says Mr Santosh Godbole, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, SSN Solutions.

“The data ecosystem is growing with a fast pace and will grow manifold in the near future resulting into the data explosion. With this, brands use the data for better outcomes if used strategically. It is a matter of utmost  importance for any business to drive its growth manifold therefore it is necessary to build the best data experience through collecting the right data along with the right analysis to build the expected business ecosystem with the best-in-class results”, says Mr Shabir Momin, Co-founder, SSN Solutions.

SSN understands how critical it is for business to know their consumers in-depth. Its approach for cracking this problem is by engaging with the consumers at various stages during their day on continuous basis. It engages with consumers with offline & online surveys that are deeply aided by regular interactions on Social and various other Digital platforms. It takes exceptional steps to ensure that all data acquisition activities are within the perimeters of the regulations laid out worldwide. It has embraced cutting edge technology, combined with AI and Machine Learning to acquire, augment and further enhance this data. It has created a comprehensive 360-degree consumer profile that helps today’s marketers to know their target consumers, enabling them to climb to next level of personalized marketing. SSN is highly committed to create an intuitive experience around data. It ensures that complex data, analysis and insights are presented to the businesses in the simplest way possible so that the businesses spend their valuable time in strategizing their next launch rather than crunching the data.

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