Enjoy the true and admirable VR experience with the new Portronics Saga X

Portronics a prominent leader in portable digital product market launches the all new virtual reality headset named Saga X which is the next flagship of the “Saga” series. It comes with the highly appreciable mobile virtual reality glasses which offer a scintillating experience with unforgettable enjoyment and safety & comfortability.

There is a difference between watching a movie and experiencing a movie. Merely watching will just make you remember the story but by experiencing one can relate every moment by them. The best ways one can experience it is with virtual reality headset and if you wish to do it with some ease and comfort then just go with all new Saga X.

Outstanding Specifications and Impressive Features:

Enjoy the true and admirable VR experience with the new Portronics Saga X - SquareThe effortlessly adjustable focal length in the range of 37 mm to 45 mm and the IPD ranging from 58 mm to 67 mm provides you with the commendable experience of VR. They make the device convenient to use and leave an unforgettable memory of the experience they felt as they are also comfortable for the glass wearers.

The viewing experience is equally or less important than your eyes vision. Balancing and concerning both the points, “Saga X” is enabled with HD lenses with multiple layers of nano-coating of resin with the 40 mm diameter which gives you a broader view of the video. Long hours of usage of VR headsets often lead to eye strain and reduction of eye glare but you won’t have to face these problems with this device as it features Field of Vision 90-100.

The new Saga X is compatible with all smartphones, whether it is supported by iOS, Windows or Android, with the screen size from 4.7” to 6.0”. One can make your smartphone sit easily in the cabin provided by opening the cover plate in the front section of the device.

With the dimensions of 203 x 122 x 102 mm it is made up of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic which makes it portable along with resistant to extreme cold as well as hot temperatures and can withstand many chemicals. Weighing just 237 gm, it has soft yet strong head band which saves your phone from the sudden and continuous head movements. The headband is adjustable enough to fit all sizes of heads and faces which means the age of the user doesn’t matter at all.

Pricing and Availability:

To enjoy the true and comfortable virtual reality headset experience, you can buy “Saga X” at an impressive amount of INR 899/-. You can buy it for yourself as well as for your loved ones from the online or offline stores. For more details, please visit, https://www.portronics.com/camera-vr/saga-x.html

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