Beat the stress and backache with Portronics Mybuddy L

MyBuddy L - A light weight, strong and foldable laptop cooling stand

Portronics is excited to launch MyBuddy L – latest inclusion to its famous MyBuddy series of standing work desks viz laptop stands. The latest addition reaffirms the strong commitment to the Wellness of our customers. It’s been proven by medical research that sitting is the new form of smoking which means that sitting for long hours makes one unhealthy and reduces effective lifespan of an individual.

Beat the stress and backache with Portronics MyBuddy LMyBuddy L is a portable and foldable laptop cooling stand; a large top with approximate dimensions as 28x20x11inch. It can be used both for work and fun activities – as an office desk for up to 17 inch laptops, during picnics, while working on sofa or bed or even on floor. The top is large enough so one can comfortably keep the mouse, coffee mug and snacks on it along with your 17” laptop. The leg room below the top is large enough to accommodate one’s knees. It can carry a weight of upto 35Kg easily on its strong and sturdy aluminium legs.

Easy to Carry, Lustrous and Robust construction quality:

MyBuddy L has a wooden textured top with solid edges and side-line lips. The USB powered cooling fan keeps laptop cool and increases its battery life. The mesh above the fan gives sleek looks and provides good air circulation to cool the heated laptop base. There are good anti-skid grips on its legs to avoid any accidental slip on glass surface. It is light weight and easy to carry around with its foldable stands. With unique rectangular shape weighs less than 2.8Kg and is fairly easy to carry around wherever you go.

Multiple Usages of MyBuddy L:

Beat the stress and backache with Portronics MyBuddy L 2At Office Desk: If you are tired of sitting for hours in your office to work on your laptop and you want the option to stand and use the laptop then MyBuddy L allows you to do that easily. In few seconds your workstation can become a standing desk. This adds years to your healthy life by helping you reduce fat and back and neck ache.

At home: You can also use MyBuddy L at home to read a book or work on your laptop or even enjoy your meal on your sofa, bed or floor. You can take it with you on a picnic and make a small table.

Pricing and Availability:The new Portronics MyBuddy L has an MRP of INR 2999/-. You can buy it for yourself or gift it to your loved ones from any of the online and offline stores. For additional information please visit,

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