Typhoo’s Master Tea Blender – Razi Khan hosts a Tea Appreciate and Tea Tasting session over a High-Tea in Bangalore

Typhoo, UK’s third largest tea brand(owned by the ApeejaySurrendra group) known for its gourmet and wide variety of revitalizing brews, today had their Master Blender Mr. Razi Khan in the city to host an engaging and refreshing afternoon tea tasting session. The session offered tasting Typhoo’s finest tea and herbal infusions as well as discovering the nuances of British style tea drinking etiquettes.

Typhoo Tea is one of the most loved and fastest growing brands in India. Since its launch in 2008, Typhoo has introduced over 25 flavors to the country with some of the most exotic variants which are unique to the taste of Indian consumers (Green Tea Lemongrass, Green Tea Tulsi, Green Tea Coconut, Green Tea Masala, Tea DECAF, Fruit Infusions to name a few), apart from the traditional varieties of Classic Assam, Darjeeling, Pure Green teas and bevy of flavored teas.

The brand can boast of an impressive portfolio in 5 categories of Tea – Speciality Black; Flavoured; GreenTeas ; Fruit Infusions and Organic Herbal range spread over 26 variants and 73 pack sizes.

Tea Tasting Session by Typhoo - BangaloreIn today’s session Mr.Khan brought about the quintessential British tradition of ‘Afternoon Tea’ and laid out variety of teas for different occasions of the day, beyond the traditional Indian Chai.

The ambience took one back to the pages of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice where in the table décor and the settings of cups and saucers, tea pots, tea cozies and  the three tiered cake stands with sumptuous hors d’oeuvre ’, all made the setting look picture perfect!

Mr. Khan started the afternoon with the first flavor of the session, ever loved- “Green Tea Tulsi”- selective combination of delicate green tea leaves with goodness of basil which supports well-being; moving on the session got the guests to taste  something regular with a twist- ‘Classic Assam’ in revolutionary PYRAMID Bags- a deep amber-coloured treasure with rich malty undertones which perfectly refreshes and revitalizes mind and body; the third flavour of the afternoon was Typhoo’s innovative ‘Triple Mint”, which again was infused in The PYRAMID Bag-  known for the goodness of its strong mint flavour leaving the sense refreshed. Next in line was Typhoo’s very much loved- “Organic Herbal Infusion – Chamomile”, all natural tea infused with richness of Chamomile flower, a light preferred drink after meals.

The session ended on a light and fruity note with a warm cup of ‘Orange Spicer Fruit Infusion’, a natural and caffeine free fruit beverage with unique sensorial taste of delicious fruit flavors. This is the first time Typhoo revealed some the upcoming variants of Typhoo’s pyramid teabag range in the city, which are soon to be launched in the market. The unique pyramid bags lend the original aroma and flavor some experience to the tea cup.

Razi Khan at Typhoo Tea Tasting SessionMr.Subrata Mukerji, Business head of Typhoo Tea India present at the session commented, “For over 110 years, since its inception in UK, Typhoo has indulged tea connoisseurs the world over with exotic healthy beverages beyond tea and revived tea drinking experience.

We are delighted to host a unique tea tasting session that showcases various types of teas and infusions that can be enjoyed across the day, emphasizing the importance of tea to our daily lives while we continue to enjoy our traditional chai. We are proud at Typhoo for re-defining the concept of tea drinking by introducing flavors which are unique to the Indian consumer.

What is heartening is:  Indians are continuously seeking change in their lifestyles and food habits and are experimenting with cuisines and beverages.

Mr.Razi Khan said,“As a tea taster and tea blender, nothing gives more joy than to get patrons to experience A British style afternoon tea session, it’s amazing that Typhoo came up with this initiative and I hope we can take such afternoons all over the country. Typhoo has one of the most diverse portfolios and we are confident that through such sessions, we can transform the Indian palette for Teas and also share with our patrons what Typhoo has to offer”.

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