Shortfilm launch – Right Away- Finally a film that highlights the true picture of online dating

Swipe right and ‘It’s a Match’!

Like seriously? Have we become so emotionless that we allow an app, a mere app, to decide for our choices? Or have we become so superior so as to judge whether a person is ‘right’ for us or is to be ‘left’ out? Do we really need to get consumed in the realms of such virtuality? What about watching our crush for years from a distance and waiting for the ultimate day to arrive when we can finally confess our feelings to that special someone? What about yearning to be with someone? What about making the real struggle? What about making great love stories and finding that one true love, an everlasting one?  Are we really stepping towards satisfaction though these online dating apps or are  we moving closer to dissatisfaction with every swipe of ours?

To throw light on this lucrative yet unfulfilling association, one gets into, on online dating apps, Natak Pictures, a Delhi-based film studio, has come up with a new short film “Right Away”.

Request you to kindly watch it and share it, if you feel the film rightly brings out the real picture of today’s generation.

Link to the movie:

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