Reddonatura manages 40 tonnes of waste at Aero India 2017

Nearly 30 tonnes of dry waste and 10 tonnes of wet waste processed on site

Reddonaturas rNature machineA total of 40 tonnes of waste has been processed at the just concluded Aero India 2017 by Bangalore-based Reddonatura, that builds fully automatic composting machines. Nearly 10 tonnes of wet waste that consisted of food waste mainly as well as 30 tonnes of dry waste was collected, segregated and processed on site. The green and clean waste management program has been in practice since the last air show. Close to 1.5 tonnes of compostable matter that is made into organic manure has been processed which will be used for gardening within the Yelahanka Air Force Station.

Reddonatura had set up a waste processing facility along with its fully automatic waste converter rNature as per BBMP regulations in an eco-friendly manner. The wet waste would convert into compostable matter in 24-48 hours. Dry waste was processed at site and sent out for further recycling.

Key features of rNature:

  • Fully-automatic machines
  • Handle 25kgs to 10 tonnes of waste
  • Can be installed on-site at major events
  • Requires low manpower
  • Compact design requires less space

Reddonaturas rNature machine 3On the successful completion of the project, Abhishek Gupta, MD & CEO of Reddonatura said, “we are very pleased to have partnered with Aero India 2017 for waste management and as per our motto ‘garbage-to-green’ we were happy to process nearly 10 tonnes of wet waste into compostable matter that would go back to nature as organic manure. “

Reddonatura’s rNature machines do not require manpower the way conventional waste management processes require. The fully automated machines require very limited human intervention while depositing wet or organic waste into the machines and collecting the organic manure. The mixing and heating process makes sure that the culture is distributed evenly and the right temperature is maintained to convert waste into compost. Air circulation is managed well and there is very less odour from the machines.

Reddonaturas Waste Management Aero India 2017Reddonatura offers complete organic and wet waste management solutions and is the creator and manufacturer of India’s first fully automatic organic waste management machine, rNature. The company is committed to its motto of ‘garbage to green’ movement and offers machines that can process wet and organic waste anywhere from 25 kgs to 10 tonnes. The other key feature of rNature machines is the compact design that requires very less space. For example the space occupied is less than 7ft x 4ft for handling the wet waste of approximately 150 houses.

With an aim to providing a de-centralized  system for waste management, Reddonatura was incorporated in the year 2013. The firm offers fully automatic waste management solutions. The company makes machines that process wet waste into compostable matter within 24 to 48 hrs. Reddonatura has a complete range of products that can process waste from 20kg per day upto 10tonnes per day. Currently present in 30 cities across India. Some of the projects that Reddonatura currently handles would include door-to-door collection of waste from 6000 flats at Gaursons City in Noida that processes 2 tonnes of waste every day amounting to approximately 750-800 tonnes of wet waste from this housing facility alone every year, close to 1.5 tonnes of wet waste at UB city mall in Bangalore and a 4 tonnes facility to be set up shortly at Embassy Golf Links.

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