Preet to go on a solo honeymoon in Sony SAB’s Dil Deke Dekho

The newly married couple Rahul (Abhishek Bajaj) and Preet (Anju Jadhav) of Sony SAB’s Dil De ke Dekho are facing a lot of hardships while trying to keep their families happy. Hoping for a break from all the havoc, preet desires to go on a honeymoon.

SONY SAB TV LogoLike every other couple, preet urges Rahul to plan their honeymoon. Rahul  who doesn’t want to upset preet, takes Dadaji’s (Kanwaljeet Singh) help and decides to go to Kashmir. With lots of excitement Rahul and Preet start preparing for their trip. Alas, his father Atal (Chetanya) had some other plans for their entire family. He decides to take them for a tirth yatra. Preet refuses to budge and decides to go on their honeymoon all by herself. Rahul is wedged between Atal and Preet.

Who will Rahul choose? Will Preet go alone on a honeymoon?

Commenting on the track, Anju Jadhav who plays the role of Preet says, “Preet gets  excited about the idea of going on a honeymoon. But her dream comes crashing down when Atal declares that they are going on a Tirth Yatra. Being young and naïve, Preet is fuming with frustration and anger. She informs Rahul that she might go alone for their honeymoon if he doesn’t stand up for them. The biggest suspense is will she go alone on their honeymoon. ”

To know what happens next, tune into Dil Deke Dekho Monday to Friday, 7.00pm only on Sony SAB!

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