‘A Grill Company’ brings the live grill and molecular thrill at Logix Mall, Noida

A Grill Company - Logix Mall - Noida 2With the partnership of Logix Group, Alphabites Restaurant Private Limited launches the restaurant, ‘A Grill Company’ in Logix Mall, Noida. With the modern and unique interiors, the restaurant menu has very authentic Indian food flavours. The restaurant has a live grill concept along with the molecular food which gives a delightful experience. The restaurant comes up with redefining the Indian Cuisine by breaking the monotony of daily regular menus and adds the everyday new menu inspired by the cultural or regional food of India’s diverse culture.

A Grill Company - Logix Mall - Noida 6The restaurant presents the molecular and Indian food gastronomy with the fusion of live Barbeque and molecular food served at counter so that guests at the restaurant can experience the joy of grilling their own vegetarian and non-vegetarian barbeques on live grills embedded in their tables.

The restaurant is all about modern Indian and fusion cuisine, and molecular gastronomy. Spread in the area of 3500 sqft, the restaurant has total of 120 seating. The company is co-directed by three directors i.e. Mr. Rohit Malhotra, Mr. Parvesh Singh and Mr. Sandeep Nehra. With the inception of their first restaurant in NCR, they are all geared up for the upcoming outlets in Delhi and Punjab followed by other cities.

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