This Holiday Season Whizz in Style with Red Chief

Travel Collection By RED CHIEF 2The latest collection of RED CHIEF will bring a transformation to a more contemporary statement while you are travelling. The collection is zest for the approaching season and offers the Travel enthusiasts with hiking shoes having incredible features like: textured cordura mesh for better breathability, a bellow’s tongue to keep the dust and debris out, anti-microbial socks, sweat transportation, light in weight with heel thrash support, multi directional lugs for multi directional grip on any terrain and punch on leather for better air circulation.

Travel Collection By RED CHIEF 4The shoes are built with dynamic fit and crossover style to provide
structure, stability and ankle support. RED CHIEFshoes are designed in such a way that along with being sturdy and providing comfort, they
also take your outfit and your style quotient a notch up. RED CHIEF  makes sure that they’re as comfortable Travel Collection By RED CHIEF 3as can be, without any compromise in the quality.  The new collection is a complete package for outdoor footwear since they have all the features required in an outdoor footwear range.

Add these shoes to your outdoor outfits to have the best combination of style and comfort!

Price Range  –   Rs 4095 Onwards

Available At  –    EBO’S & MBO’S

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