Inspired Aesthetics – Maxfine marble design from KalingaSlimtech

The marble inspired Marmi collection of extra-large sized porcelain tiles made in Italy is now available exclusively at Classic Marble Company. The company’s porcelain tile brand, KalingaSlimtech has introduced two new versatile variants namely Marmi Eramosa and Marmi Black Venato under its slim technology product range of Maxfine brand. Giving a perfect representation of an exotic natural marble with its rich, polished surface, the full body porcelain stoneware enhances the aesthetic quality of an area incredibly.

Black venato - MaxfineAt first glance, the appearance of wooden brown Marmi Eramosa and ash black Marmi Black Venato to some extent resemble with that of natural wood, making it an appropriate laminate choice for all types of furniture including wardrobes, cabinet, consoles, shelves etc. Also being characteristically strong the tiles resists wear and tear and are equally apt for wall and floor applications in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Inspired by the natural color and patterns, the high performance tile slabs are so innovative and versatile that they break down the barriers between surfaces for architecture and furnishing. The 6 mm thin, full- body porcelain stoneware is characterized by strength and can easily be adapted for installations in kitchens or bathrooms, indoor or outdoor furniture, for wall claddings at hospitality or wellness spaces. Its tough characteristics keep the furniture or floor look spotless and glazed for a long time.

Marmi Eramosa & Marmi Black Venato

Specs: 120” * 60”

Thickness: 6mm

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