BD and Columbia Asia collaboration Diabetes Management Program

BD will equip Columbia Asia’s team of diabetes management specialists on best-in-class insulin injection technique

Beginning this week, BD, the medical technology brand will work with diabetes management hospital professionals in Columbia Asia hospitals across India, for a period of nine monthsthrough its BD Getting Started program. The aim is to equip diabetes educators with customized solutions and aid clinicians and people with diabetes who are being initiated on insulin. The collaboration will provide a certification to the Diabetes Educators who will be imparted knowledge and intensive hands-on training.

The BD Getting Started is a Diabetes educational resource program for insulin users. It is a collaboratively designed program for health system leaders looking to achieve the best-in-class care insulin injection experience for patients initiating insulin. These customized solutions focus on targeted improvements to standardize clinical best practices and eliminate variation in insulin initiation. The result is improved patient care, comfortable insulin experience, and improved clinical outcomes for those injecting insulin.

“For nearly 90 years, BD’s culture of innovation and continuous improvement has enhanced the patient experience to enable better diabetes therapy and outcomes. We are glad that we are collaborating withColumbia Asia Hospitals to support their diabetes management program. BD has always taken a prominent role in educating doctors, allied healthcare professionals and patients onearlier initiation and better adherence to injectable therapies, thus helping people living with diabetes live healthier lives,” said Varun Khanna, managing director, BD-India.

TheBD Getting Started program for Columbia Asia will have two objectives: to help clinicians initiate their patients to insulin therapy using a structured methodology; and to ensure adherence to therapy across the first nine months. The focus will be on customization and consistency of care through safe and comfortable insulin administration.

“Columbia Asia Hospitals has completed more than a decade in India. In the past 10 years, we have witnessed a substantial increase in the incidence of diabetes in our markets. Our hospitals cater to a large number of  diabetics and educating them and helping them lead an active and healthy life is our top most priority. We are happy to collaborate with BD India for certification programs to enhance the skill-sets of our Diabetes educators, who in turn will help our patients manage their diabetes well. Initiation of patients on insulin always presents a challenge to care providers and through this initiative, we intend to offer a best-in-class care insulin injecting experience to our patients,” said Mr. Tufan Ghosh, CEO, Columbia Asia Hospitals Pvt Ltd.

Columbia Asia Hospital’s comprehensive diabetes management program caters to Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics as well as for those with Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT) and Pregnancy Induced Hyperglycemia (PIH). The program enables participants to lead a healthy and active life at home and at work. The program is based on a multidisciplinary approach that addresses the challenges of managing diabetes holistically with involvement of specialists, family physicians, support staff and patient/care giver; all enabled through internationally benchmarked protocols and technology based interventions.

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