Empowering Retailers through Omni Business Solutions

VAS Data Services P Ltd. develops an Omni Catalyst product to provide a single integrated solution

VAS Data Services P Ltd has developed an Omni Catalyst, providing integrated frontend and backend solutions through a single database for omni channel.

As thousands of businesses of all sizes, in and outside India, juggle between multiple sales channels and struggle because there is no integrated IT platform available which can work along with their existing IT systems to seamlessly handle the complexity of selling multi/omni-channel.

Empowering the customer to “order from anywhere” and allowing the businesses to “fulfill from anywhere”, the integrated frontend and backend solution through a single database provides customers seamless experience   across all sales channels, custom offers, loyalty rewards and recommendations based on customer’s personal information, shopping preferences, purchase frequency, purchase history, likes and dislikes.

“Single view of data” across channels provides business owners with plug and play modules like inventory management, ranking and pricing algorithm, recommendation engine, CRM, POS, social media management, Order Management, Call Centre Operations, Supply Chain Management, Referral and Loyalty Rewards Management, Warehouse Management and Content Management.

Speaking about the product, Mr. Sandeep Sharma (Co-founder & COO, VAS Data Services P Ltd.) said, “This unique Customizable Solution fits IT needs of any organization. The solution can be customized at module level and this reduces integration time and thus having minimum impact on the current business. As a result, buy-in comes fast from business owners within an organization.”

Field tested for 5 years and build to scale, this Omni Catalyst product can handle 60 million transactions p.a. per instance and 3 billion visitors.

Highly scalable in terms of database design, hosting infrastructure with multi-user accessibility, real time DR capability, ability to integrate with leading CDNs and Big data capable the product has a short Implementation time of 3 months and can be combined with any existing ERP and sold as a single integrated solution.

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