India and South Asia – Major Growth Driver for Beckman Coulter Diagnostics

Beckman Coulter - LogoBeckman Coulter Diagnostics, a global leader in the clinical diagnostic industry and headquartered out of Brea, CA, USA announced that it is ramping up its commercial focus on the Indian subcontinent with a series of steps that will help substantially increase its customer base – small to large-volume hospital pathology laboratories. The company created a new structure for high growth markets, and has officially elevated India and South Asia as a key market and driver of diagnostics core growth. The move allows for increased transparency and visibility into specific and localized product-level initiatives to drive growth within the region.

  • Beckman Coulter Diagnostic has made significant investment in Software Development Centre at Bangalore
  • The company is ramping up its commercial focus on the Indian subcontinent
  • India and South Asia are the key growth markets
  • Launched compact five parthematology analyzer – DxH 500 for small to mid-size laboratories

Confirming this development, Mr. Ganesh Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President, High Growth Markets, Beckman Coulter Diagnostics said, “India is one of the fastest growing markets in diagnostics field and has its own unique opportunities and challenges. In order to address these opportunities and provide customized solutions that cater to the Indian market, we have decided to carve out India into a separate region of focus. This will ensure that we are much more attentive to our customers’ feedback and are able to accelerate our timelines in rolling out products, services and solutions based on local requirements.”

As a first step, the company recently launched its compact five-parthematology analyzer – the DxH 500 which is perfectly suited for over 15,000 small to mid-sized laboratories spread across the country. This cost effective analyzer will make state-of-the-art technology more affordable to not just Tier 2 and Tier 3 labs but also for smaller laboratories within metropolitan cities.

Mr. Giridhar Baliga, Managing Director, Beckman Coulter Diagnostics said, “This is an exciting time for Beckman Coulter Diagnostics in India with the top management earnestly committed to creating products and solutions for the entire range of laboratories and hospitals within the region. The requirements of customers and patients here are vastly different from those in the Western world. While the Indian customers want top class quality and the very latest technology, they expect these to be available at an affordable price, especially as diagnostics tests expenses are still out of pocket for out-patients.”

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics has made significant investment into its Software Development Center at Bangalore. “This further cements our longer-term commitment in India”, added Ganesh Ramaswamy. He further added, “The facility at Bangalore is state-of-the-art and is being scaled up rapidly to staff over 400 Specialized Software Professionals engaged in developing and enhancing software for our current as well as future products. We are also looking at other initiatives such as Local Manufacturing, Center of Excellence Development and bringing out more cost-effective products for other clinical streams as our next steps towards localizing products for the Indian market.”

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