An exquisite piece of Passa from the majestic collection of SUNAR this EID

Exploring the Beauty of the Mughal Passa with Sunar

Sunar Jewels CollectionIndia has a vast repertoire of classical styles of jewellery and Sunar takes great pride in reinterpreting and reintroducing those historical designs. One such piece of ornament is the Passa.

The traditional styles of Mughal Jewellery have always been known to be ornate and opulent, and holding its own among the many exquisite ornaments is the Passa, also known as the Jhoomar. As a leading jewellery brand, Sunar has done its share in adding to the popularity of the Passa by creating an entire range in unique and irresistible designs.

From Mughal Courts to a fashion statement

The Passais a trademark jewellery piece used to adorn Muslim brides on their wedding day. Usually worn on the left side of the head, the Passais attached to the hair and it covers the temple of the head. One can also experiment and wear the Passa in the middle of the forehead than on the side.

These days the Passa has become a fashion statement, and women wear them for a host of celebratory occasions and functions. No longer only limited to Muslim bride,The Passanowadays, is a good accessory for most types of Indian and Indo Western wear. In fact one can even revamp a western look, by wearing a Passa with a gown! The choices are many and Sunar has an extensive array of Passa designs that can go with various kinds of ensembles.

Browse through an exquisite collection of Passa by Sunar

Sunar Jewels Collection 2Sunar offers an alluring range of Passa in a wide array of designs made out of gold, pearls and precious gemstones. The collection includes Gold Passas featuring precious stone work as well as intricate designs like multi pearl strands intertwinedwith Polki, stone and beadwork to create stellar Jhoomars.Mr Praveen Goel, CMD, Sunar adds “ThePassa is a traditional jewellery that is now widely accepted as a modern day fashion statement and is in high demand, especially aroundEid, with everyone trying to get their hands on the most spectacular pieces of Passa‐ and we are here to help with our magnificent collection that has only dazzling designson offer.”

So this Eid, you can bedeck yourself with an exquisite piece of Passa from the majestic collection of Sunar and celebrate the festival looking your resplendent best.

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