Will Sher Singh be successful in Disclosing his mother Bhanvri Devi

These days you can watch a dramatic scene in Piya Rangrez on Star Utsav.

Star Utasv LogoSher Singh sets out to fight a few miscreants for exploiting Bhanvari Devi’s business. Shraddha suffers a leg injury and is worried about Sher’s safety. Sumair helps Shraddha to search for Sher when he leaves for Bade Phaatak. A lady don challenges Sher. Set against a UP backdrop, Piya Rangrezz is Sher’s journey to becoming a patriarch, who also stands up to his mother’s misdeeds! Sher Singh and Rani reconcile with each other and decide to run a business in partnership. Rani interacts with Bhanvari and vents her anger on Prabal Pandey for attacking Bhanvari. Shraddha is worried about Bhanvari’s well-being. Rani expresses her feelings for Sher in front of Shraddha.

Will Shraddha & Sher Singh be able to get the plan of Bhanvri devi and Rani ?

Or Bhanvri Devi & Rani will become Successful in creating misunderstanding between Shraddha and Sher?

To know more, keep watching Piya Rangrezz… on Star Utsav at 9:30pm daily.

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