Cornitos goes Hot and Mild with its new Chunky Salsa Dip

  • Adds tantalizing taste with Cornitos Nacho Crisps

Cornitos Lipsmacking Chunky Salsa launched in two versions – Hot and Mild. With two new flavors added, Cornitos Hot and Mild Chunky Salsa dip will savor the taste buds and add freshness with spicy treat to the snacking time.

Cornitos Hot Chunky Salsa has Chillies along with chunks of Fresh tomatoes, onion and Jalapeno which goes great as a filling for Cornitos Tacos and Burritos. It is a perfect dip that goes well with your evening snack.

Cornitos - Chuncky Salsa MildCornitos Mild Chunky Salsa is less spicy than Hot version having chunks of Fresh Tomatoes, Onion and Jalapeno. Mild version goes great as a topping on Cornitos Nacho Crisps, Pastas and Salads.

Cornitos Chunky Salsa is made with fresh Ingredients, slow-cooked in small batches to conserve flavor. Authentic Mexican taste of Cornitos Chunky salsa deepens the flavor of any dish without overpowering them with heat. Cornitos Chunky Salsa is 100% Vegetarian Product with no added preservatives and moreover Gluten-free.

Dipping in a healthy snack just got easier as these chunky dips will be available in wide mouth Jars. Spoon a dollop of our Hot and Mild Cornitos salsa dip onto any Mexican meal for a tangy kick.

Availability: – It is available at all leading retail outlets Pan India

Net Wt – 330 g

MRP – Rs 165

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