A Hamper full of Love!

~ Aspri Spirits puts together a perfect gift for the super dad this Father’s Day

A classy man deserves a classy gift. Aspri Spirits puts together the best combination of spirits in a hamper for a son’s first hero and daughter’s first love- DAD.

The Hamper consists of spirits in three different categories and grouped them into a manageable collection of fine spirits that will surely be the best gift to bring in the celebration of Father’s day.

Patrón Silver

Patrón Silver tequila appeals to drinkers looking for the perfect ultra-premium white spirit.Using only the finest Weber blue agave, it is handmade in small batches to be smooth,soft and easily mixable. Each bottle is individually crafted by a glass artisan from recycledglass and is hand-numbered. These commitments to excellence–from the liquid within to the outer container–helps make Patrón Silver one of the top-selling ultra-premiumwhite spirits in the world.

Camus VS Cognac

CAMUS owes its international reputation to the rich and subtle flavors of its Cognac that appeal to all the senses. Perpetuating the distinctive styles of the House of CAMUS is the Cellar Master’s responsibility, blending eaux-de-vie from different crus and of different ages with technical virtuosity, inspiration and intuition in equal measures.Camus VS is a fresh and lively Cognac, true to the original character of the vine.

elit® by Stolichnaya®

In the journey from grain to glass all Stolichnaya® vodkas undergo a remarkable transformation. Elevating centuries of vodka tradition to high- tech art, elit® by Stolichnaya® is the inception of ultra- luxury vodka. The result is a spirit of breathtaking clarity and flawless molecular composition, born from an obsession with accuracy.

Visibly luminous in the glass with a weighty, rolling mouth- feel, elit® by Stolichnaya® exudes pleasure like no other vodka. Consistently commended as the highest rated vodka in the world, elit® can be enjoyed chilled, on the rocks or in a meticulously executed martini.

Patrón Silver, Camus VS & elit® by Stolichnaya®are available across all leading stores and bars.

Patrón Silver – 750ml

  • Bangalore: Rs. 16855/-
  • Mumbai: Rs. 15065/-

Camus VS – 700ml

  • Bangalore: Rs.11643/-
  • Mumbai: Rs. 7995/-

elit® by Stolichnaya®– 750ml

  • Bangalore: Rs. 9789/-
  • Mumbai: Rs. 6995/-

Aspri Spirits Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2004. The company today represents some of the finest brands in the world of Wines and Spirits and is one of the leading players in the imported alcoholic beverage segment. The company with its commitment to ensure highest quality standards focuses on the sales, marketing and distribution of its diverse portfolio and is dedicated to building premium international brands in travel retail and domestic markets across South Asia.


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