Yeshwanthpur residents celebrate World Environment Day today by planting trees

The stretch of Tumkur road which was once a verdant tree lined stretch is now devoid of any tree arbour. Having imagined this beautiful sight and wishing to recreate this for our future generations, a group of like-minded individuals from Golden Grand Apartments on Tumkur road approached BBMP to help them in this endeavour. BBMP was happy to help with all the trees needed and the tree guards. With the help from the local RSS and Rotary club and neighbouring apartment complexes like Vaishnavi Saphire and RNS, the citizens took it upon themselves to make this dream come true.

About 100 men, women and children woke up early on a Sunday, gathered eagerly dressed in green in front of the main gate of Golden Grand apartments to start the tree plantation. It was a wonderful sight of happy faces, excited chatter and children running to own their trees that they promised to nurture and take care. We planted raintree, neem, honge, gasgase, kadubadami and tabubia that will provide us shade, flowers and the opportunity to enjoy nature’s bounty. What started as a small idea, became a big campaign when even the poor dwellers around the building came selflessly forward to dig, water and plant. Many destitute children even joined us in cleaning up the area around with eager faces. As families adopted trees, our hopes soared that all is not lost and even a small attempt can make a big difference.

With more tree plantations in the plan for the area, we hope to create the wonderful green canopy, a labour of love for our mother earth, trying to return back, a bit of what we have so greedily taken. We thank our mother earth for sustaining us and hope to endeavour to sustain her with our small actions.

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